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Network Disclaimer and Informations

DISCLAMER: We only monitor your online status using ZNC Web FrontEnd, We do not use loggers or sniffers to record or log any activities from your znc.

Service is absolutely free,no one from, staff / admins will ask you for donations or payment.

Support Emails:;

Admins List:


Offical Channels: #pinoybnc #pinoybnc #pinoybnc

VPS10 Vhosts List

Vhosts for the New VPS10 ZNC server

How to use your znc with Irccloud

On Ircloud:

1. Click new network or server.
2. On host/server, key in your znc's server.
3. On port, key in your znc's port
4. Click connect.
5. On connect , Irccloud will ask you for your password, For single network zncs: key in /quote pass username:password, For multiple network zncs: key in /quote pass username/networkname:your password
6. You are connected to your znc using ircclound.