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How to connect to your znc using mirc client.

Open your mirc client.

For single network znc account - type /server zncserverhost zncserverport username:password and press enter.

For multiple network znc account - type /server zncserverhost zncserverport username/networkname:password and press enter.


/server 16101 rajino:mypassword
/server 16101 rajino/dalnet:mypassword

Perform Module and How to use it.

Perform module lets you set initial irc commands to be executed when the znc connects to the dalnet.


Auto release nick on connect -> /msg *perform add /msg release

Auto change nick on connect-> /msg *perform /nick

Use SSL to connect with Dalnet

On your znc's web front end, set the following:

Servers of this network: +6697 <-this should be your only server

Trusted SSL Fingerprints of this IRC Network:



Then connect to your znc, and type /msg *Status jump wait until your znc connects to dalnet using SSL.